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There has to be some kind of mix up?! Not my son

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I can't believe i am joining this page, and i am pretty sure i'm in the wrong place but this worry is bugging me i need to talk to other parents in the hope everything is ok or even if it's not but has had similar with there child. 

My son is 7 years old, for the 10 months he has suffered 2 tonsil/throat infections. 

The tonsil it self has morphed in to a huge permante awful shape, it worried me this nag in the back of the head saying god hope thats not a tumor i will get him checked out just incase. 

So the GP referred us to ENT at our local childs hospital, the appointment went well. They were not concerned sent us on our merry way, 1 month later i recieve a call from the hospital. Stating Tye had been referred to a paedeactric doctor and they an appointment for him. 

I was like what?! Whats this about, they said there was a concern of lympth nodes from your childs ent appointment. 

No there wasn't she kept saying theres a concern we need to see him and do blood tests. 

When i put the phone down...those words lympth nodes...blood test...i looked at my partner and said you don't think they are checking for cancer? 

It really unerved me so i rang my gp before they shut, they read out the ENT letter sent to them stating my son's Liver, Spleen and lympth nodes were enlarged. 

This is insain he is fine they said fine (but currently sick again funny enough). They said it can be lots of different causes right up to Leukemia. 

So now tonight he is being examined by our GP this can't be right i think the patients have been crossed by mistake. 

I am just lost, i can't sit still i'm nkt sleeping i don't understand how the doctor told me one thing then said another. 

My son is sick all the time, he is tired child now i am assesing everything. 

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Hi Webbz,

I am sorry that all this brings you here, and I have everything crossed for you that this is indeed the wrong place, and that you don't need to be on this site.

Blood tests, enlarged lymph nodes are caused by so many things that aren't cancer. I think it's par for the course that a GP checks lymph nodes on almost any examination of kids, that thing where they feel along the jaw line to feel if the nodes are enlarged there. Likewise blood tests are used for everything. Of course, the mind runs wild during diagnosis about all the possibilities - I think that's true for all of us here, and its extremely common to have people visit this site very anxious only to find it to be a false alarm.

Have you discussed your concerns with the GP? I know it might be difficult but asking the GP directly what they think it is, and asking if they think it is cancer. It's never a question you want to ask, but knowing means either relief or starting treatment to get better - both are better than the limbo situation. You can also ask which blood tests he is having, and what each one rules in and out.

You said he was being re-examined by the GP this evening - I hope that went well and you got some answers, and that they can now start making your tired son better again.

Community hugs (( )),