Parents of children with cancer

This group is designed to provide support to parents who are struggling with their child's cancer. This includes adult children who have cancer.

It's Wilms. And I'm terrified.

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Hello Everyone. 

First of all- I'm really so very sorry you have had to come on here. For, like us it means a nightmare has come true. 

My gorgeous, intelligent, happy and 'healthy' 18month old has recently been diagnosed with Wilms. 

I know this is quite rare and ultimately any cancer is cancer. But has anyone got any experience of Wilms? 

So far scan has not shown any spread (feel very fortunate) and tumour is confined to left kidney. My daughter has had her second round of chemo, due third on Thursday and will hopefully have nephrectomy mid May. 

But I am particularly terrified of the cancer spreading. 

I feel very very anxious and don't want my daughter even to be out of my side for a minute. 

Life is so cruel. None of our babies deserve to go through this. 

Also, all though it sounds incredibly petty I am very sad (almost scared) of my girl losing her beautiful hair. Even though I know the treatment is for her own good. 

Sending positive vibes to all you incredible parents of your little superstars

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Hi and welcome to the community, sorry nobody got back to you earlier; sometimes here that happens with rarer cancers and your experience is quite different to mine as with me its my wife who has cancer but hers is also rare. There is a lot of information on the main site you may have found already, and tucked away right towards the bottom is the bit where it talks about the parents, caring for anyone with cancer is hard you might also like to have a look at our groups carers and carers only.

What worked well for me firstly was when I walked into the Maggies centre at our local hospital and then later when I did a living with less stress course, finally got my head around not trying to out think the situation that I was in where lots of the things I was really anxious about just never materialised and in the meantime things I had never even considered came to knock me sideways.