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Newly diagnosed ALL leukaemia

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Hi my son (13) was recently diagnosed with ALL leukaemia on the 16th march 2017 . We spent 9 days in hospital and next week will be our last week of the induction stage.

My problem is that we feel like we are being "left too it" :( click Sargent came round who felt like a life saver they explained how they would help you with emotional support financial support and anything we needed ....... fantastic I thought ........just what you need someone to help and guide us through this thought time ....... but since that initial visit ...... nothing ...... I've rang and keep getting told people will get back to me and they don't and have lost complete faith in them and pretty much feel like we are just being left too it.

Has anyone else felt like this? I know they are a busy charity and that there's more than just us to help ..... but I really do just feel like they have said he has leukaemia come in for this take that see you later :( 

I've rang Macmillan and have a few numbers to try tomorrow but just need a vent as I feel so frustrated angry and let down 

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So sorry to read about your sons ALL :( 

This is way out of our area but wanted to let you know there is another member who joined a few weeks ago who have a 10 year old son also with ALL.

They have recently joined this group and also the Main ALL Group here (link)

I will 'tag' their member name   and hopefully they will reply to help you support each other.

You may be fed up of reading about it, but there is an extensive information page about ALL in Teenagers here if it is of any benefit.

Hope this is of some help at a tough time, hugs, G n' J