Parents of children with cancer

This group is designed to provide support to parents who are struggling with their child's cancer. This includes adult children who have cancer.


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After 4 months of a real horrific journey my 5 year old son is in remission 

I now find my self panicking at every temperature and wonder how I'll be able to get to something even close to normal ever again 

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Warm welcome to the Mac Community, not so pleased to read the reason you have found yourself here but it is great news that after treatment your son is in remission.

Remission angst is tough enough to cope with for patients and carers but I should have thought far more'so for parents of young children who seem to constantly pick up bugs so easily.

I don't think you ever get back to anything like normal again, it's case of learning to deal with the new normal. Cancer of any sort makes you lose trust in your body and the out of control feelings you have when anyone is first diagnosed can't be un-learnt.

You will always be on high alert now for any early warning signs. Over time you learn what can be safely ignored, what to keep a check on and what signs mean time to pick up the phone - figuring all this out is an unsettling period.

It is the same fear every time a review becomes due - You hope everything is fine but that doesn't stop the emotional torture you put yourselves through while you wait results.

I don't know what cancer type or treatment your son went through but there is plenty of information to be found under the 'Information and Support' tab at the top of the page. There are specific children's cancer support sites like CLIC Sargent that may have more experienced information for parents regarding remission in children ?

If you mention which cancer type your son had we could hopefully point you towards further remission help and support.

Hope this is of some help, take care and very best of luck with your son's continuing remission and you get several more experienced replies from the other members in this group.

Hugs, G n' J