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ALL - 5 year old son recently diagnosed

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Hi, just wondered if anyone here is in a similar situation, would be good to share experiences. We've just finished induction and are enjoying being at home (even though it's hugely nerve wracking!).

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Hi, sorry nobody picked this up before, this group has not been very active recently. I have no experience since my wife's cancer is very different.  You might have more success if you posted in the Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Another useful source of information is clic sargent.



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Thanks so much for replying Steve, hope things are going ok for you and wife x

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Please don't feel alone , our son was diagnosed on Xmas eve with a rare grade 3 Tumor, he has completed intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment 

He is thankfully doing amazingly well, and is now in remission .. 

I don't check here that regularly so if you want to talk you can contact me on [edited] or email me on [edited] 

I know this is of not much comfort to you right now, but it will get better, it has to right ?

Sending love and strength to you and your family

Kerrie xx

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Hi, my son was diagnosed with ALL on 27/4/16 also aged 5. If you are still interested I would love to chat sometime. Luke is a couple of months in to maintenance now but still has 2.5 years of treatment to go. Seems like a lifetime away. Anna

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Hi Anna,

I'm encouraged to hear your son is doing  well, my son was diagnosed on the 24th march just gone, he is on his 3rd week of induction. My son is 10 his name is josei...I'm taking things week by week day by day even and I go between feeling very positive and strong to anxious and friends and family are being wonderful and I'm so grateful for them...

I'm happy to talk to you

Linda x