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Dwp benefits

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Hello, Im 22 and have DIPG, a form of terminal brain cancer. I'm having loads of problems with Esa. They have recently told me I am in debt £5,000 and when I finally spoke to someone who could help me understand  they told me that it was a random mistake. They have now told me that I'm fit for work and stopped the benefit. Is it true that they can't ask me to work because I'm terminally Ill? I'm so stressed, I just want it to stop! 

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Hi Howellfr welcome to the forum and I am so very sorry to hear about what has been happening for you.

Thats shocking that they have said that it was a random mistake and caused all that stress for you that you dont need.

I dont know enough about the benefits system and how you may be able to get some help with this. However, if you felt able to pick up the phone and speak to the Macmillan Line on 08088080000 every day until 8pm- they have a welfare and benefits team that you could maybe have  a chat with and see what they could suggest to help you navigate your way through this awful situation for you.

Im not sure which group to direct you towards for ongoing support but if you feel that you would want to chat with others then please come back to me and I will insert some links to groups for you.

Sending very best wishes for now.