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Joint and muscle pain after ovarian cancer and chemo treatment

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Hi there,  I had surgery for ovarian cancer followed by carboplatin chemotherapy  treatment.  About 4/5 weeks after my last treatment I started to experience joint and muscle pain throughout my body, particularly bad in my knees hands and feet. I had already been through the menapause prior to diagnosis and treatment. This has become progressively worse and I have just had a blood test to see if there are any inflammatory markers.  I have discussed this with both my GP and oncologist but they were rather non committal.  Is this something others have experienced after cancer treatment? Thanks 

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Hi Sanya welcome to the forum and so glad to hear that you are through all the surgery and the treatment. 

Sorry thought to hear that you are experiencing some issues after the chemo. 

I dont know enough about your type of Cancer or the chemo but I am tagging in one of my fellow champs who may be able to help.

Sending very best wishes for now. xxx

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Hello ,

and a very warm welcome to you, to the community. I know I suffer with joint and bone pain in a number of areas but i was pre menopausal and although some of my problems have been likely to be from the menopause some are not. The other thing is has your team looked at possibilities of bone thinning because of the removal of your ovaries? I am sure it’s extremely frustrating that you haven’t been given answers I certainly can relate to that. 

I invite you to join the ovarian cancer group, here is the link to it i am sure you will get lots more answers from there and if you would like we have an ask an expert section where we have various experts like our nurses, maybe they can give you some explanations. Treatment and its effects can be very individual but i hope that you can get some answers. I am glad that they are looking at your inflammatory markers this should hopefully give more information to why you are experiencing increased pain in your joint and muscles. But but for now I just wanted to send a gentle hug and i hope you can get explanations soon.

  GBear Xxxx 

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