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Chemo Fatigue

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Hi folks, this is my first post on the site.

My Mum has T1 small cell lung cancer and was to have 4 sessions of chemo followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy, she is 81 years old.  The first 2 chemo sessions were fine but the 3rd one just knocked her for six. She was hospitalised for a few days and since getting out on 18th Dec she has basically wanted to sleep all of the time, she is so weak and unstable. Last chemo was 2nd Dec.

All the doctors say it is chemo fatigue and that it can last for weeks and months, my Mum is such an active person and this is just devastating for her as she is unable to cook or clean or get out the house for anything more than an hour at a time.

I am hoping to find out if anyone else has suffered from this and what can be done to help ?

Appreciate any insights and experiences.

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Hi and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear your Mum is suffering with her treatment. Many of us here will be familiar with chemo fatigue. All the energy drains from our bodies and makes it difficult to sometimes even lift a finger. The doctors aren't really sure of how it works, but the main theory is it is the body shuts itself down so that all available energy is directed in to the healing process. Some people are affected more than others. The main thing is to make sure Mum is well hydrated with regular drinks of water. Light exercise can also help if possible. As always, though, keep your Mum's GP aware of the situation and sometimes they can offer things to help. For more specific answers regarding lung cancer, you may like to join the Lung Group where the members there will have experience of Mum's treatment. For support for yourself, we have a friendly Carers only group . There you will find others looking after loved ones and will be able to offer help and advice. Click the highlighted links to get to the groups. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?