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Hi everyone! My name is Jane & I was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. I was very suprised/shocked that I was told It was cancer at my first hospital appointment.

I had a biopsy done and will be given a treatment plan on Friday when they know the type of cancer it is.

i don’t know what to think really. I feel like I should be full of emotions but I just feel..... nothing really.. most of the time. Although writing this is making me a bit scared & nervous.

is this normal? How have you coped with your diagnosis?

Jane  x  
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Hi and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear about your diagnosis. We know what a shock to the system this can be and it takes a while to sink in. Once a treatment plan is put in place, things become slightly easier as you have something positive to focus on. Could I point you to the friendly and active Breast Group . There you will find others with experience of this and will be able to answer any questions and help you through this. Click the highlighted link to get to the group. You can the start a new discussion in the group or you may like to join in on some of the current discussions. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?
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Hi Jane, your story is mine only I was diagnosed 6 days ago. I know I need to stay positive but it’s not easy. Possibly feel more focussed when they tell me what they plan to do. Life is very different now. Good look on Friday

Linda xx

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Hi Linda!

sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, I’m finding the site a bit confusing to be honest. 

Isn’t this just the strangest situation to be in? Cancer is something that happens to other people, (if you know what I mean).

do you feel like you’re in limbo just waiting for the next appointment? 

When do you get your treatment plan?

Jane xx 

Jane  x