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Feelings after completing treatment

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I was diagnosed with cancer of the tonsil and lymph nodes back in April 2018. 

Having completed 6 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and more recently a radical neck dissection. 

Have had the result and been told the cancer has been removed yesterday. 

I should feel happy and I am but also very emotional. 

I have been told that I will have to have monthly check ups for about a year. 

Is it normal to not feel as happy as perhaps I should? 

Any advise???  


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Hello  and welcome to the community. Well done on getting through treatment, but the way you now feel is normal and familiar to many of us. People think that being declared free of cancer should be a time to pop the champagne corks. In reality, it is more of a relief and an all clear can be even more emotional than the initial diagnosis. People talk about returning to normal, but the normal we once knew has gone. We lose confidence in our bodies and it takes time to adjust to the new norm. We have a supportive group here you may find it helpful to join, Life after cancer . There you will find others feeling the same way. Click the link to get to the group. You can start a new discussion, or you may like to join in some of the current discussions. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?