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My husband has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer

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My husband has been told he has testicular cancer. We are due to go on a family holiday on the 23rd August but the consultant wants him to have surgery on that day. Would my husband be okay to postpone surgery till we get back? We are going for two weeks. 

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Hello , I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis, but welcome you to the online community where patients carers and Friends all affected in some way by different cancers can get together to support each other. 

Your particular question is one best dealt with by your husband’s medical team, you probably have a telephone number that you can ring through to and ask advice. Each patient would then have there own attitude to if they will sensibly follow that medical advice if that was to have the surgery ASAP, or be a bit more gung-ho and feel that the extra wait is worth it to be prepared mentally for the surger, and have perhaps a once in a life time holiday, or have the attitude that the holiday can be delayed and insurance will cover it. Family persuasion can also affect the final outcome. I wondered if you asked the dr when the date was suggested? And if you and your husband have different view points? 

You can just look at the groups that are most relevant to you or join them and post to talk to others on their discussions or start your own as you have done here.

the groups I’d like to recommend are carers only and the prostrate cancer group, I’ve given links below.

Good luck with whatever decision you both come to.