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End of life

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My sister saw her oncologist yesterday who has informed us the tumour has returned and she only has approximately three months left      The tumour is behind the right ear and affecting her left side and memory      The memory side although is hard to deal with I think will help her as she doesn’t remember going to hospital or prognosis 

can anyone tell me what to expect in the next few months.

love Barbara

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Hello , I’m sorry to hear about your sisters diagnosis, I’d like to welcome to the online community although I am sorry that you you are here. I read your profile where you mention other people’s stories, so I’m thinking that you have had a little look at the site before posting, which sounds like me at the start. I used to read the posts in the groups that were most relevant to me and then I found the information and support pages and found comfort in the dual information written by experts and the accounts of experience from people who have been through things or are treading the same pathway either just in front or slightly behind. 

I see you have posted in the new to site before and the carers group was recommended to you, and I think perhaps the Macmillan support line which I think are both very good suggestions. You ask what to expect in the next few months, your sister has probably been given a keyworker, a specialist cancer nurse who would be in the best position to answer that question, but there is also the this page here I will give a link to.

I used to visit a friend in the last few months of her life she had breast cancer that had spread to her brain, the time scales given are just a guesstimate from previous stats and everyone will be different.

i hope you find what you need to care for your sister and yourself.