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How to cope

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Hi I’m not really sure where I should post this but need help. 

‘I lost my dad suddenly just a few months ago after a short and bitter battle with cancer. It’s been a struggle but for the time being I’m distracting myself as much as possible because I don’t really know how else to cope. 

‘I thought I’d be ok for Father’s Day (by not letting myself think about it) but it made me feel like my heart was breaking all over again, now I am extremely concerned about how I will cope for his birthday that is coming up in few weeks. 

How do I cope? What can I do to mark the day? It would have been a “big” birthday for him, so feel like we should do something special to mark the day. 

‘Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Welcome to this site in a very sad way, but in a positive way you have found here. Here there are far too many people affected by cancer, but ......... that is a plus as the site is filled with non judgemental support and guidance. Add in virtual hugs and positive thoughts for good measure.

It is - I have found - those firsts that hit the hardest. First Father's Day, birthday, summer holiday that should have happened. they all hit with baseball bat ferocity. How to make something of them and how to not make it too much for others to cope with.

I am going to put a link to a group I feel will be of immense help to you as there you will find similar people.

Bereaved Family and friends click on this link

Be gentle with yourself your emotions are no doubt still very raw. Whatever you do I feel sure your father would have been pleased and proud as punch

Gentle hugs


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