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Polycythima vera

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My husband has just been diagnosed with polycythima vera and has had his 2nd venesection. He his trying very hard to carry on as normaly as possible but is suffering greatly with severe headaches. Has anyone any advice on what he may take. He is taking aspirin for blood thining and because he is taking a beta blocker. Thank you in advance any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi 64@sdug,

I'm sorry that I can't help answer your question (I'm not a medic) but I think the best place to get advice would be from your husbands medical team. Does he have a Clinical Nurse specialist dedicated to him? They can help you both get through this and refer you to other services. You could also try NHS on 111, your gp or the Macmillan helpline on 0808 808 0000.

its really important to take care of yourself too.

the site has lots of groups where you can get support, you can browse through them at: 

The carers or family and friends groups might be worth checking out, I had a look for your husbands cancer type in the groups but couldn't find it so the 'other cancers' group might be somewhere to look and maybe have a browse of the others. 

I found this old thread which has a couple of people talking about PV and some links to other information,  if you reply to them they should hopefully get an email notification or you could look at their recent activity and see what group they are in. 

lots of love and I hope that you can get something to make your husband more comfortable