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Feeling inactive and sometimes alone

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I'm diagnosed with colorectal cancer and had an emergency surgery, now using a stoma bag, I don't particularly feel like going out to save me from the embarrassing sounds it lets out without warning.

I'm coming close to end of my chemo treatment and still have a lot to go through.

Feeling like going back to work asap for financial reasons. I'm a teacher and teenagers are not usually discreet when faced with a teacher that lets out large wind noises interrupting a lesson.

I think I'd better stop now, too much???

Any comment will be appreciated.


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Hi Dum  /   

Sorry to see you joining us here, although pleased you have found the Mac Community.

Colorectal is a little out of our area but we can point you in the direction of the very active (and friendly) Colon and Rectum Group. Just click the coloured text link to open the page. The 'Join This Group' button is just under the groups title.

You will then get the option to Start a New Discussion as an intro and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Don't fret over stoma / wind issues, unfortunately it comes with the territory, but hopefully the lovely folks in the group can pass on some helpful hints that may ease Storm Hector.

Hope this is of some help at a tough time, G n' J

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Hi Dumay.

Just a quick note to add that returning to work is a big deal...however well you feel. 

Ensure you exploit your school/college policy and provision regarding support in terms of a phased return, adjusted duties etc. If you haven't already, get up to speed with your union's support and resources too.

I suggest that becoming more accepting of your stoma/wind issues may be easier if you were out and about among strangers ...situations where you don't have to look folk in the eye or hang around if you feel uncomfortable, rather than in the captive beady glare of teen students.

Your union ( eg unison have Welfare Officers) and the MacMillan helpline can help you with financial advice...apologies if this is all old news but often some advice eg from your bank re mortgage payment options, doesn't always identify the consequences of repayment breaks etc.

Good luck with your next steps, take care...oh and please be aware of the mental/ emotional backlash that can strike weeks, or many weeks, later...even if everything is going well. is OK because unicorns can see you : )