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Metastatic breast cancer with no obvious breast involvement.

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I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in January this year. It involves my bones and scalp. There has been nothing shown up on any breast scans. The scalp lump biopsy showed breast cancer cells. I'm currently taking letrozole and have a zometa infusion monthly. The scalp was treated with electrochemotherapy but was unsuccessful. Is there anyone else around suffering/aware of this presentation of breast cancer? The doctors seem a bit confused by it!

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Warm welcome to the Mac Community - Sorry for the late reply I was rather hoping someone with experience of this seemingly uncommon scenario would jump in first.

This sounds like what would have been called CUP (cancer of unkown primary) but now they have identified breast cancer cells at least you will be placed on the most beneficial treatment regime - although strange nothing is showing up on scans, but this isn't unheard of.

There is a Secondary Breast Group here (link) you should join as there may be somone there who can identify with your symptoms - There is also the more active Main Breast Group, you may as well join both as a lot of the ladies in the main group will be on similar meds especially Letrozole.

When you join a group you then get the option to start a New Discussion which is great if you have specific questions.

Hope this is of some help for now, take care, G n' J