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Stomach Cancer/secondary osphegus

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Hi All

My beautiful mum was diagnosed with stomach cancer non operable 3 weeks ago it has also metastasized to her osphegus, and starts pallative chemo in a weeks time, as a family we are all so terrified of what to expect any guidance or thoughts  on how we can support mum would be greatly appreciated

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Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community although I'm sorry you've had to find us.

I understand that you'd be terrified for your mum but hopefully I can point you in the direction of where to get help and support.

I see that you have already joined the stomach cancer group. When you feel ready just click on start a discussion near the top of the page and ask any questions you like. The group will hopefully be able to answer your questions and also offer support.

Another group you might like to join is the family and friends group where you can share your feelings and again get support. If you think you'd benefit from talking to someone then I can recommend the Macmillan Support Line. It's staffed by trained experts who you can call on 0808 808 0000. Free to call, it's open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Sending you, your family and especially your mum a big virtual ((hug))


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What is a Community Champion?

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Thankyou x

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Hi and welcome

Sorry to hear your news. Even if mum has been unwell for a while, this is a very difficult time for you emotionally. So please don't be hard on yourself and expect to know everything and be able to do everything immediately whilst keeping a smile and being strong.

Well done for finding this forum and reaching out for advice and support for your mum but please remember that you need support too, although you will probably be bottom of your list.

Are other family members around or close enough geographically to lend support?

As has been mentioned, the support line number will be able to help with concerns around finance and benefits as well as emotions and there are lots of lovely folk here, day and night to lend a shoulder or an ear. Some parts of the site are busier than others, so if you need help please ask. 

I myself had a gastrectomy so am around in the stomach group as well as other threads.

Take care is OK because unicorns can see you : )