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My tumour journey

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Hiya after reading all your stories I feel like I shouldn't be here! I have just been diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma which is a slow growing, benign tumour which grows in the vestibular nerve. It's a rare tumour so trying to get help from a gp is hard as they have no idea what the symptoms are, they tell you it's not related to the AN! I have been trying to find where to get vestibular/physio therapy my Dr said it won't help and gave me vertigo tablets! I think Dr's should be more aware of the effects and symptoms of an acoustic neuroma.

Has anyone had the same experience?

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Hi  and welcome to the online community

Please don't feel that you don't belong here because your tumour is benign.

You might be interested in this information on the Macmillan website about acoustic neuromas. There are two pages that I found. This is the first and this is the second. As you will see there are tests and treatments you can have for this condition. Has your GP actually referred you for tests and scans yet?

You might like to join the brain tumour group as there are people on there who have posted about acoustic neuroma. Once you have joined just click on +Start a discussion near the top of the page. You could simply and copy what you've just written into a new post to save you having to type it again.

Best wishes x

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