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Travel Insurance

Norfolk Lady
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I was diagnosed with Cutaneous Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma last year and have had trouble obtaining travel insurance. Although my consultant told me I was far less risk than someone with diabetes I was either declined or quoted exorbitant premiums. The only treatment I have had is the removal of 2 nodules under local anaesthetic, but one company I rang had to put this down as keyhole surgery which is far more invasive, as this was the nearest answer on their computer screening! However I have just arranged a single trip policy through Just Travel Cover at a reasonable price. It was a simple process and I was asked less questions regarding my condition than by other companies.

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Hello Norfolk Lady and welcome to the community. Great to know you managed to sort out some reasonable insurance. I was about to point you to the Travel Insurance group, but I see you have managed to find it. Others will be interested in your post. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.

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