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Cancer of the Bile Duct

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Hi everyone, I’m new here so I’m hoping this is going to work!

I’d like to start by sharing my dads experience. He had jaundice and trapped wind symptoms and was admitted to hospital. He had numerous scans and finally a stent inserted in his bile duct as they suspected a stricture. He has now been diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct and if the MRI of his liver is free of cancer, he will have the Whipple’s procedure. 

Obviously you do your own research but everything seems to relate to cancer of the pancreas. I am trying to stay positive about his life after Whipples and so I came here. I’m just interested to hear from anyone who has experienced the same thing?

Many thanks in advance, Neeco

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Hi Neeco and welcome to the community at this difficult time for your family. I notice you have just found the Bile Cancer Group. If you post your questions in that group, I am sure someone with experience of this will be along to answer your concerns. I hope all goes well and best wishes for your dad.

Best wishes to All,


What is a Community Champion ?

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I’ve reposted in the Bile Cancer group, thanks for the advice! Neeco