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Nutritional drinks

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We recently lost our dad to cancer. Sorting through his things we have a large supply of unused, unopened Fortijuice. I have seen some previous posts that some people have to buy these themselves when they are not prescribed and they can be quite expensive. Is this the case and can anyone point me in the direction of anywhere I could donate them, as I’m told they will be destroyed if we return them to the pharmacy? 


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Hi Blackbird 77 welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear about your dad.

You are absolutely right about if you hand them in to a pharmacy they will be destroyed as they cant be re used when they have been prescribed for someone. I know it probably doesn't make any sense but unfortunately that is what happens. I dont know of anywhere that you could donate them to but maybe someone else will  be along soon that could maybe offer some information for you.

Sending you some very best wishes. xxx

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Hi Blackbird77, a thought occurred to me that you could use the In my area section (just click on the link and put in your postcode) to locate a local cancer support group, that sort of group might be prepared to offer them to its members if they want them. 

Best wishes.