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Breast cancer HER2

Karen 234
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I'm new to this site. Just hoping for a bit of reassurance. Been diagnosed with breast cancer. Having lumpectomy in 2 weeks and will then have to wait for results before I know if chemo or just radiotherapy is required. Scary part for me is it's grade 3, positive for oestrogen receptors and HER2 borderline ( they are retesting that). They are saying it's treatable but when I've tried to look about the HER2 result, if it is positive, it's terrifying me. Sorry for rambling on. I'm still in shock from the diagnosis and my mind is all over the place! 

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Hello Karen234 and welcome to the community. We understand how worrying a diagnosis can be, and the early days of uncertainty and not knowing can be the worst. Could I point you to the Breast Group . There you will find a friendly group of people with lots of experience of this, and will be able to answer your concerns. Click the link to get to the group and post your questions there. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

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