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Help! Are my symptoms serious?

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Hey everyone,

I’ve never posted to any sort of forum before and haven’t really spoken to anyone about this, but I have a few questions that I feel I need to ask. 

A little background (I’ll try make it short), I’ve had a change in bm’s over the past few months (since about Oct 2017) when I was heavily bleeding when I had a bm and it was painful - wasn’t straining and was almost diarrhoea (lasted for 8 days). I always feel like a need to go more, but after sitting for about 5 - 10mins nothing else comes out (sometimes liquid diarrhoea does). I do have a couple of haemorrhoids from childbirth and apparently 1 internal that has never come out. Over the past year I’ve had extreme bloating after every meal (even fruit and salad), and have had very frequent chronic gas. I’ve been EXTREMELY tired and fatigued with needing another sleep after breakfast and another in the afternoon (bloods showed no Anemia). I have elevated Calprotectin in my stools and they very mucusy.

I am still waiting for my colonoscopy (been waiting for over a month now for them to give me my appointment). Recently (last few days), the bleeding began again and lasted 2 days with no pain, and even happened occasionally without a bm. I’ve also noticed that in my thinned stools, there’s an indent down one side (as if it was pushed passed a marble). This was never there before. I’ve occasionally been getting cramps and sharp pains around my belly button and transverse colon. 

Should I go back to my doctor and push for my colonoscopy to be hurried up or am I overreacting? Could this just be my internal haemmrhoid that causes the change in stool shape? 
I feel like a hypercondriac going back and pushing it if I’m over thinking it. 

Also, I’m a 28 yr old female, and the only history of colon cancer was my dad’s grandmother.
Your advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hey there kh90,

I'm sorry to hear about the worries you're having at the moment.

However, I'm afraid no-one here is able to offer up an explanation to the changes you've noticed, or say if they are serious or not as we're not medically qualified.

I would say though that you're clearly worried about what's going on, and I think most people would be. You've also been waiting over a month for an appointment with no sign of it yet. With that in mind, I'd definitely be giving the Dr a call tomorrow to make sure the referral went through. If they say it has, ask which hospital you've been referred to, then call their bookings line to see how long you need to wait for an appointment. 

Best of luck, I hope all goes well - and quickly - and we're always around if needed.



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Don’t be put off go back to your doctor and ask for early referral for colonoscopy .

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is right in saying we are unable to say whether it’s serious or not but you have every right to keep on contacting either your GP if the referral hasn’t gone through or the treatment hospital. That way you could put yourself down for cancellations and possibly speed things along. Although we all know that a lot of symptoms could be so many things it’s better to rule things out. I am sure you feel more settled when you get your colonoscopy appointment though, no matter the outcome only because I think we feel better to know what the problem is. Unknown is awful and waiting even worse. I really hope you get answers soon. I know only your doctor can give you real answers because they can see you but, if you want to you could call the helpline 08088080000. There are nurses on there that you can speak to also we do have an ask an expert section where you can ask an nurse

Have you managed to get hold of  your GP?

I hope you get an to the many questions that I am sure your starting to get, good luck.

GBear Xxxx

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