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Newbie with questions

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Hello, i am new to all this and not quite sure where to start. 

I am currently waiting on my biopsy results from a lump around my saliva gland in my neck. When I had my ultrasound, the Dr mentioned there were Lymph Nodes around the site. This biopsy was on Friday and I have spent all weekend stressing about the unknown. Do the lymph nodes mean this is a secondary site? Although the results are not in yet, the Dr was pretty sure it was a cancer. 

One of my symptoms is that I can not open my mouth so am losing weight pretty quickly. 

Supposition is a nightmare

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Hi  and a warm welcome to the Online Community but we are always sorry to see folks find us.

Yes, supposition is never helpful and at this stage that is all it is. The wait for Pathology results can be torture but it is the most effective way to find out what is going on in your body and from my experience on this site you should never jump to any conclusions.  If your body is having problems then there is a good chance your Lymph nodes are reacting and will get inflamed as these are the safety valves in our system.

At this early stage its hard to direct you to any specific group but one thing I can do is highlight the Macmillan help line on 0808 808 00 00 Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm. You will meet up with some very supportive folks who can help get your mind settled.

Our Information and Support pages are a good place to understand the journey of cancer diagnosis  and further onwards.

Your health is important, so you need to keep pushing for answers but one thing you can do and that will help you is to try and control your stress levels as this actually can add to your symptoms and my experience is that regardless of how much we stress over things it will make no difference to the outcomes.

Keep us posted on this thread and we will give you some specific direction once you have more details.

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Thank you for your reply Mike. 

I am trying my hardest to keep a lid on it, been to work, keeping as busy as possible, but the wait is, as you say, torture. 

I will cetainly know how things progress as I have no doubt I will have so many questions. 

Thanks again, very much appreciated. 


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Hello Jez, take a notebook and pen to your appointments.  You can write down your questions beforehand and refer to the notebook, and you can write down what the medics say in case you want to refer to it later.  I hope things go well for you.