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Testicular cancer

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Hi can anyone help,my husband had an ultrasound on 7th March and was told he has a large tumor on his left testi,he had a chest X-ray on same day and bloods as well. He has to have operation on mon 19th March to remove his testi,but he hasn’t been told that this is cancer.he had an ultrasound 4 years ago and he had an enlarged vein, but the pain he has had has been going on for about a year now and the hard lump been there for over a year, the urologist did tell him its a large tumor that’s all he told us,what is the chances of this being cancer 

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If a tumour is malignant it is cancerous but if it’s benign it isn’t cancer. Benign tumours grow more slowly as far as I understand. 

You need to ask direct questions at the hospital, I’m afraid. Hopefully you’ll see someone prior to the surgery or at least after it. In my experience someone from the surgical team visits the patient later in the day. 

When my partner was told she had breast cancer, she was told “it isn’t always life threatening”, the following week, she was told there were secondaries and she repeated this and no one corrected her, no one said how serious it was though they gave us a leaflet which included a big section on putting your affairs in order. Many staff avoid the big questions. 


If you look hard enough, there’s something positive in every day.  

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Hi BryonyO 

Yes I think that’s what we should be doing, my husband didn’t ask any questions, we just left the urologist office and went home .after his op on Monday we should have a bit more information.then it will be the wait for confirmed results.thank you so much for  your kind reply, this site is a true lifesaver for me and I read all so I can gather as much info as I can, thank you again