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Rectal ,asending colon and prostrate cancer

Eldest daughter
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My dad diagnosed in past 7 weeks with rectal,descending colon and prostrate .Hes had all the tests and scans and have the big meeting with him on Mon .Another famiy member has kindly taken him to all his other appointments. My turn to properly face it .He's given me the literature but trying to unravel it all ! Now worrying about post op care etc don't know where to start .

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Hello Eldest daughter, sorry to hear about your Dad, but good that every one in the family seem to be chipping in to help your Dad. I wanted to welcome you to the community and see if I could direct you to where you can get the best help. It can be a bit overwhelming cant it. To start or join in a discussion with other in a similar position to you you could try the Carers only group or perhaps the Family and Friends group. There are also cancer cancer type groups that might help if you want to have a browse through them

If it is very overwhelming for you, you might want to ring the Macmillan support line on 0808 808 00 00 its manned by professionals who you can just chat to or ask specific questions the fact that you said you dont know where to start might mean that the support line is a good place to start to just muddle through how your feeling. (the line in open Mon to Fri am to 8pm) 

You mustn't forget that you need some support as well as it can be as hard for you as your Dad, and there is a great deal of info in the information and support section that might be useful for you.

if you need and help navigating the site, just reply to this post and I will pop along again to help.

best wishes