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Post menopausal bleeding

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Hi I’ve had regular  small post menopausal bleeding ( 5 yrs since last period) since around Nov, had ultrasound and attempted  hysteroscopy- ouch!! around 3 weeks ago. Then had Hysteroscopy under GA last Thursday, went a bit pear shaped and ended up with perforated uterus and a laparoscopy but no  hysteroscopy. Also found shadow on lung and white blood cells a bit low which could be collapsed from surgery. Am feeling a bit confused. Have to see gynaecologist in 2 weeks and chest X-ray in 6 but feeling really sore, tired and back pain. Sorry for long post but does anyone have any advice or experience as due back at work Monday and feeling pretty poop. Thankyou 

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Good morning jgjg44,

Wow, ouch indeed so sorry to hear what you have gone through sounds very painful indeed, I do hope your getting some good pain relief. It seems like you have a long wait for results and follow ups which must be very much a worrying time for you. So really what is left to say is welcome I am sorry you had to join us, but we understand. Please may I recommend the Womb cancer forum. I joined there last year when I was diagnosed at 38 with womb cancer last June and had a hysterectomy in July. The ladies there are so knowledgeable and really very supportive it be good to hear others experiences with these tests, I saw you said a bout a lung shadow, are you/ they concerned about lung cancer? We do have a lovely Lung cancer group who I am sure you can give you some great advice. Plus the helpline is great and free to call if you ever wanted to chat to a voice. But for now feel free to join the groups ask questions. No question is too big or small and if ever you need an expert advice about a medical question then Ask an expert

For now just remember your not alone, we understand what your going through and sending you a supportive hug.

GBear Xxxx

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Womb cancer forum 

Call the helpline for free on 08088080000 mon-fri, 9am to 8pm.

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Thankyou so much GBear, I feel a bit of a fraud posting here because there is no evidence yet to say I have the big C, I just don’t know where to look for help. I will have a look at the womb cancer forum.