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Follow up appointment re Histology report

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Hello, thank you for letting me join. I had a large sub-sternal thyroid tumour & a lobectomy on 24th Jan 2018 after my fna & ultrasound came back as a thy3. Ive just been informed by my consultants secretary that my histology report came back last Friday & that I have an appointment with my consultant on 6th March. Would I be correct in thinking that the fact that I am having to wait 3 weeks for this appointment that my results would be good news ? I’m really confused as my GP said that if there was nothing to worry about I probably wouldn’t be seen again & the surgery would be the end of the matter. 

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Hi Manxlass

Unfortunately you can't really read anything into how long it takes to get results. Sometimes good news comes fast and bad news comes slowly. Sometimes it's the other way around. 

It usually comes down to factors outside your control - whether the person who can do those tests in the lab is on holiday, whether the surgeon is based in a different hospital that week when the results come through, how much of a backlog there is in the path lab, whether the secretary who sends out the appointments is on half term holidays......... and and and - there are a thousand different reasons why results take a while. If your op was 3 weeks ago, they may not even have the results through when they made the appointment.

So keep your fingers crossed for a good result, but don't assume that how long it takes to find out is an indication of what the result would be. Sorry to have to tell you that but I don't want to give you false hope about appointment dates. 

And now you're here, please come over and join us in the thyroid cancer group - we can answer most of your questions but sadly we can't tell you what your results will be. Lots of people come and join us for a chat long before they know whether they have cancer. Some come back even when they don't. We're a pretty nice bunch.

Best wishes


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Hi Barbara,

Thank you for your reply. The waiting & not knowing is the worst. It doesn’t help that the GP only said yesterday that he didn’t think I would be seen again if all ok & then I get a phone call today saying my results are back & i have an appointment for the 6th March.

I have joined the thyroid group & I look forward to chatting to everyone there.

Thank you once again.