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Death of my sister.

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My sister lost her 2 year battle with cervical cancer 9 days ago. She defied the odds as was given 6-12 months  in April 2016.  I am struggling.. I was told she had weeks, maybe a month and she died the next day.  Our family stayed by her side throughout the day and she died early evening. I feel numb.

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Hello Remie

I am so sorry to read about your sister. You sound devastated. I hope her death was peaceful and that in time you will be able to look back on the day with love. How wonderful that you were all able to be there. 

Can I suggest that you join the group on the community bereaved family and friends? I hope you will be able to find people who know what you are going through. If you want to talk to someone or have questions about how you are feeling, then do call the Macmillan helpline on 0808 808 0000. 

With love xxx