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New here carer for mum diagnosed with stage 2 emdometrial cancer

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Hi All,

Newbie here. Feeling overwhelmed & quite angry actually. My mum has just been diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer. were awaiting a surgery date for hysterectomy but I think it has finally hit me! Feeling really upset now. I care for both my parents dad has early dementia following a stroke 4 yeara ago. Mum has has long term osteo arthiritis which pretty much made her housebound. Now cancer on top of that :( Not sure how I am going to cope going forward.

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My husband is terminal and I am so frightened. I do accept what is happening its getting through the days thats hard.

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Oh hun I'm so sorry to read this :'( Of course it must be so hard to deal with that.

I feel quite numb at the min. I'm just always tired nowadays. No sleep and running on empty & that is before any treatment has started for mum. Dread to think what I'll be like afterwards. 

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Hi mazywazy,

Just popped in from the womb group to say hello. So sorry to read about your Mums diagnosis. Feeling angry is a natural reaction, I think, whether you're the patient or the caregiver. You do sound to have a lot on caring for your dad now this ad you'll need help and support for yourself and your parents at this difficult time. 

There are three groups you might find helpful

- Womb(uterus) group - we are a friendly, supportive group and between us we have a wealth of experience to share with regard to hysterectomy procedures and any other treatment that might be needed. When you're ready, pop in and have a chat with us. We'll do our best to support you.

- Carers Only group - specifically for people caring for someone who has cancer. Therer will be people there who are in a similar position to yourself and will be able to give you lots of practical advice

- Family and Friends group - for anyone dealing with a friend or family member who has cancer .

You can find all the groups using the groups tab search bar near the top of the page.

Hope to see you over in the womb group x