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Colon cancer fears .. many symptoms no answers yet

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I had very bad recital bleed in September this year was in Hospital 8 days was heavily bleeding for few days .. camera down throat found hiatus hernia and no reason for the bleed, I was told I’d have camera in left bowel as they suspected diverticula disease .. was on 2 weeks pathway but wasn’t done for 13 weeks .. found no reason to bleed just two polyps that needed removal but needed to be done at a later date due to being on Warfarin and aspirin for my blood clotting disorder .. I waited and waited and then suddenly out of nowhere got sweats night and day every 30 minutes since November after the sigmoidoscopy camera ..  they are completely dibilating .. my thyroid was checked it’s normal, I am post menapausal, and never had a bead of sweat through my menopause .. my full blood counts in the past 4-6 weeks are normal .. no infection, no anemia. Then I had dark claret blood in my stool at the weekend, and pain after eating in the middle of my abdomen, I fear I have colon cancer due to bleed, type of polyps, the blood in stool at weekend, the pain on eating etc  I have also lost 7lb in weight in 5 days .. I don’t loose weight with stress. I’ve chased up colonoscopy appointment and it should be on it’s way .. I have pain on my right side low down and pain in Center of abdomen. It’s such a worry . These sweats are a big worry too.  I do have acid reflux and a gallstone and constipation whole life then bowel changes in July which I put down to stress ... 

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Hello Lama and welcome to the community. The early days of not knowing and uncertainty can be very anxious times which many of us are familiar with. I notice you have found the bowel (colon and rectum group). If you post your concerns in the group, the members with experience of this may be able to help and advise. It may be an idea to copy and paste your above post in the group. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

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