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Still in shock

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Dad has lung cancer - wow, never thought we would hear that.  He has his first oncologist appointment tomorrow and i am going with him and mum to hear first hand and to support them.  I know it's going to be hard - I have been a sniveling wreck since I found out on Monday.

Any ideas for questions I should ask at the first appointment - I have no experience of this and want to make sure we have everything we need.

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Hello Flossybear and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear about your Dad. A cancer diagnosis comes as a shock to all of us, no matter what age, and we know it has far reaching effects on loved ones. The early days of not knowing and uncertainty can be the worst. Once a treatment plan is put in place, things become slightly easier as you know something positive is happening. it is good to know you are going with your Dad for his appointment. It may be an idea to take a notebook with you. Doctors can give so much information at these meetings, it is hard to remember everything. I notice you have joined the Family and Friends group. There you can share and get support and advice from others in similar situations. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

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What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi just popping by to say try not to be too hard  on yourself. This a shock and a learning curve.

Taking a note book as rily suggested is a fab idea.

First it will give you something to do and may help stem tears that threaten, and you could start now by jotting down anything that comes into your head.

Don't think any question is have never needed to look at this before so the only silly question is the unasked one. Also, there nay be jargon floating around...terms that doctors and health teams use that you are not familiar with...they don't expect you to know these at the start or what short hand initials refer to, its just that they use them so often they forget to speak in plain language so do interrupt and ask for an explanation. Its also OK to ask to go over something again...they do understand that it is difficult to take on board what is said.

It may be an idea to ask both your parents what questions they may have. They may not know or be able to put them into words yet so it may help to say that you yourself aren't sure but you are trying to jot something down before the appointment, so its ok for them to get back to you later.

You have come to the right place to ask questions and advice and I am sure someone will be along soon with more specific help but we are also here to offer a shoulder, a hug, listen to a rant etc.

When you have more information you may want to join or suggest your dad joins, the bit of the site for his type of cancer.

Good luck, take care. is OK because unicorns can see you : )