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Kai bear
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Hi everyone

My mum has recently been diagonosed with high grade B cell NHL in the groin which has spread to the spleen and bowel. R-CHOP Chemo starts next week.  The main issue for mum at the moment is her leg as it is very swollen, and her skin is tearing around her calf and across the top of her foot.  We know the mass, (which is now the size of a small melon) is restricting the blood flow causing the swelling, but could anyone advise on how soon the swelling will take to go down after treatment?  I understand everyone responds to treatment differently but just to have an idea of what to expect would be great.

I would just like to add that I am so grateful to have found this community group and appreciate any help or advice you could give me so my sister and I can help mum x

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Hello Kai bear, and welcome and commiserations on joining the site, sorry to hear about your Mum. I usually hang around in the Melanoma group but I’ve just popped in to welcome you and see if I can be of any help finding your way around the site. Well done for already finding the friends and family group. You might want to join the NHL Group and cut and paste your question into there where patients or others affected by NHL might comment on their experiences for you. Or you could try the Ask a nurse which does what it says on the label but it will take up to two working days for a reply. You will also find your Mums team at the hospital will not mind a phone call from your Mum for queries in between appointments. I was given a 24 hour number for emergencies and a working hours number for non emergencies when I was having immunotherapy treatment.

I hope this helps, best wishes