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My Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer & bone cancer (by CT scan only) but is awaiting his first meeting with doctors following the MDT meeting

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My Dad (67 fit & healthy, never been in the hospital and I could count on 1 hand the amount of times he has been to the GP) has been diagnosed with lung cancer & bone cancer.

He went to the GP due to a sore chest/back which was initially considered to be muscular. I encouraged him to go back as wasn't feeling better & they listened to his chest which sounded clear so took some bloods. When the bloods came back 'abnormal' the GP saw him again & chest was still clear so he was sent to hospital for a chest x-ray. He had to return the next day for a CT scan & a few hours later was told he had cancer in his lung & possibly something on his spine (no clear indication what)
He was sent on his merry way with no information other than that he would received a letter within 10 days following an MDT meeting.
Finally with quite a bit of chasing up he was told he would meet with the doctors (another 2 week wait) 
He then received a phone call, from a hospital doctor,  the day after and they told him he had lung cancer & bone cancer- not curable but they would discuss treatment at the planned meeting (4 weeks from diagnosis to first meeting)
I am devastated & terrified in equal measure & can only imagine how my poor Dad must feel.
At the moment I can only try & make sense of what this means from what I've found from researching on reliable internet sources & I think my understanding is that he prob has advanced lung cancer & secondary bone cancer but I'm so confused. 
Sorry, this is a bit like a novel and it's only the tip of the iceberg in respect to all the questions & feelings I have.
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Hi Madwife,

I'm very sorry to hear about yor dad, and can only imagine how you feel. When is that next meeting? will you go with him?

We have different groups on here, where you can get first hand experience from people who have been diagnosed with the same condition, and also there's a very strong focus on family, friends and others that care for people with a diagnosis. Having been through cancer myself I understand just how important it is to have people around you who care - partly for the support, but also because they can help practically with helping understand and manage the treatment. I can see you're going to be a huge help to your dad on both counts, and that you're going to need each other through this.

I could provide links to the lung group, or secondary bone cancer group - but as different cancers have markedly different treatmnents it may be a little early unitl he has a confirmed diagnosis, otherwise the information may not be relevant? When you have that diagnosis we can direct you, and until (and even after) then a good place for questions, support and discussing your feelings is the friends and family group, where there are sadly many people going through the same but supporting each other through it

Thinking of your dad and you this evening,


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Thank you so much Greg.

The meeting is on 24th oct and yes I'm going with my Dad.

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hi my father is currently going threw something like ur dad he to is 67 its so hard and so much to take in, my dad was diagnosed in july and has had radiotheraphy and has just started his chemotheraphy if you need to chat drop me a private message 

thinking on you try stay strong i no just how hard life is at the minute 

jen xx

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Hi Jen, 

I am so sorry I have only just seen this post now. 

Thanks for you message

I am not sure how to private message 


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Hi Madwife18, 

You might have found out how to private message already but just in case here is a link to the Help section that explains how it’s done. 

Best wishes