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Hello feeling very weepy after surgery 3 months ago x

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I had a radical nephrectony at the beginning of July. It started in May with a bad uti and 6 weeks later I had to have my left kidney removed as there was a 9 cm by 9cm grade 3 tumour in it. My recovery has gone well and i am back at work full time. Yesterday I  was sitting at my desk and got a pain that wouldn't go away and I just started crying and couldn't stop. Been to doctors today and she is sure it is because of my gallstones (which I never knew I had before my scans) and nothing more serious. Feeling like a bit of a flake to be honest. Wondered if anyone had any tips to help me buck my ideas up for want of a better term xx

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Hi  welcome to the community, though a little sorry to read your story. I can really understand where you are coming from you have had significant surgery very recently so when something else comes up it is natural to get stressed and crying is perhaps one of the best things you could do - the stiff upper lip brigade tend to be the first to have a proper breakdown.

It might help you to look through Life After Cancer Treatment and might also be worth having a look and perhaps posting on Kidney cancer. Glad you went to the docs though - well done just the right thing.



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Hi just a quick note to say don't worry about your reaction. 

I have posted elsewhere about what is a common emotional reaction weeks or months after surgery or other intense treatment and that this is an aspect rarely acknowledged by our health teams.

At a time when we struggle to know what is 'normal' and how much and how quickly to get to wherever we think we should be, having an unexpected emotional and mental landslide can stop us in our tracks.

So, be kind to yourself, looks like you did the right thing.

Far from being a flake, although feeling fragile and worried maybe alien to you,  it is better to pester about health niggles than stoically play them down to then discover earlier attention would helped.

Good luck, take care is OK because unicorns can see you : )

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Hi Tigerrr

I have just been informed today I require a Radical Nephrectomy.... After telling myself it was gonna be 'Cysts'....

Worse part is I don't know how to tell my kids especially my daughter who is expecting her 1st child in 3 weeks and my op is in 2 weeks.

How did you tell your family.... and have you been informed it had not 'Mastasized' and appeared anywhere else...