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Urgent. How do I contact a macmillan nurse at the weekend

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Desperately seeking a macmillan nurse to help urgently, but all the contact information here is Mon-Fri.  Can anyone help.

Mary in memory of Kiwi

Hi Eseemoscow,

I have searched the web, but there does not to seem to be  telephone support from Macmillan nurses at weekends love, however they do say if you need out of hours support to contact NHS direct and explain your circumstances.

So sorry that things are so urgent, hope this helps you love.

Love Maryxxxxx

bob jk
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Have you tried ringing your nearest cancer hospice. They will at least be manned and might be able to point someone in your direction. Good luck  Bob 

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if i needed help urgently i phoned 999 the paramedics would come they have numbers for the help you need never hesitate to call them they are great can be very confusing what to do ,i always though to call them was better than doing nothing.

take care hugs