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My husband has non Hodgkins Lymphoma, doing ok.  Half a lung removed re tumour needed no further treatment, non smoker.  Metasised to Neck tumour taking afatanib unpleasant side effects.  Blurred vision meant brain tumour, removed and 5 sessions of Radiotherapy.  This is all in the last few years.

So we have had 2 weeks of headaches, very low appetite and I felt a bit of mild confusion.  Today took him to A and E and he is spending the night in hospital.  Brain bleed, probably caused by warfarin plus antiobiotic.  His INR is through the roof.

I'm mad.  Mad because my son took me out for late lunch and drinks yesterday and we had such a lovely time, phoned hubby and he said he was fine headache not too bad and thought he would have an early night.  Meantime he had lost feeling in the back of his legs and his left arm.  I only found out this morning.

I told him today that I loved him and knew I would eventually lose him to cancer but refused to lose him to stupidity I.e. Hiding symptoms from me.

Still so mad I can't even cry and he looked so uncomfortable tonight in hospital.  6 foot 2 and they couldn't get the end off the bed for him.  I did it in 5 seconds.  And no the bed is not broken.

Cancer is Crap!!

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sometimes I wonder about symptoms

it isn't always easy to spot the ones that are sinister as opposed to the ones we just got used to

don't be too hard on him   ; )   he probably didn't want to spoil your afternoon

and about the bed ... I was about to give birth to my daughter and was lead into the birthing room which had a 'birthday bed' , one of those that you can rearrange to suit how you feel, I'd seen a demo on an open day

so I said to the midwife I'd like to be a bit more upright, since lying on my back hadn't really helped with my first two

she said she didn't know how the bed worked (an excuse for keeping me on my back I suspect)

I said, don't worry, I know how it works and proceeded to move all the cushions and posts to suit my mood, stopping briefly for each contraction, much to the amusement of the others in the room.

lots of hugs