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Alternative medication

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Hi I am jess, I have just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, I have been offered what I would consider invasive treatment.  After coming to terms with the diagnosis I am considering alternative treatments as I accept cancer is a natural part of life and death.  Any suggestions on natural remedies?

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Hi Jess,

Welcome to Macmillan, though of course I wish nobody had to come here. I wish I had one ounce of your stoicism when I was diagnosed with cancer, and like you had decisions to make on treatment. I went the conventional route and it worked for me, but I fully support the right of everyone to choose the approach that makes sense to them. Have you spoken/chatted to anyone who has had the conventional treatment? I don't know if the treatment they are proposing for you is surgical, chemical or radiotherapy? I found that talking to those who had had it enabled me to make better decisions of what I wanted but also importantly what I didn't want. Apologies if you've already done that! Quality of life is as important as quantity.

I don't have any suggestions on natural remedies once a diagnosis is confirmed, but lots of advice on what to do to stop getting cancer in the first place, half of which I actually do. You might consider joining the brain tumour group (you don't say if the tumour is a primary or secondary?), where you can see what others have done, see if the information there confirms what you already know, but most of all talk to others facing the same decisions.

I hope you find the information you're looking for,