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Travel Insurance

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This is my first time using this site.  I have a question about Travel Insurance.  In some previous blogs Euro Tunnel travel insurance came in highly recommended.  If anyone out there used them and had to make a claim (for instance having to seek treatment while on holiday) what was the outcome and what was the claim experience like?

Thank you

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I haven't any experience of Eurotunnel but I can give you some information about Insurancewith and Explorer.   I had been with Explorer for a couple of years with a yearly European and a single trip USA.   I wanted to go to Malta for two weeks beginning of last December and my yearly insurance expired middle of November.   I got a yearly quote from both of them around the £360 mark.    But as a single trip Explorer offered £95 and Insurancewith £75 and so, because Insurancewith has always come highly recommended I accepted their quote.  

The quotes include for my wife and myself.  I don't know whether you are looking for single trip or yearly but when I looked at the figures I came to the conclusion that if we were going to Europe no more than 4 times in a year it was better to go for the single trip. 

As for making a claim I've been fortunate because I've never had to claim on travel insurance.