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New, somewhat worried, eating chocolate and trying not to panic.

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In brief - three months ago my lovely aunty was diagnosed with incurable cancer, pretty much everywhere. After a very scary start she is, amazingly, doing pretty well at the moment.

Just as we think we have all come to terms with 'it', I had a lump under my arm checked out on Thursday (I have pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis and was having my monthly infusion at hospital; mentioned it in passing to my nurse who asked the consultant to check it) and have been referred as 'urgent' to the breast clinic.

I have to ring if I haven't heard anything by tomorrow.

So ...... how concerned should I be?

I have had a similar lump before in the other arm, but it was tender, soft and vanished quickly.This is hard, pea sized,painless. Last night I found another very close to it.

I am trying to stay calm, and if anything have gone the other way - a  rather 'couldn't make it up!' attitude, which I think is a form of self protection (hide it all under humour).  Any hints of what to expect would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sulkycat,

Trying not to panic and stay calm is good (although not easy....) and if eating chocolate helps then eat away!  

I recently had a bit of a scare and if the way I felt was anything to go by then you will be as concerned as you will be whatever anyone else says. When you have a loved one with cancer it can make you worry more that that is what you have.

But just try not to assume it is cancer - it could be a number of things or nothing at all. It is worth getting it checked out though and so the sooner you are seen the better - either they will be able to put your mind at rest or, if they do detect cancer, you can start treatment and a lot of cancers are very treatable.

 After a mammogram, a second mammogram, an ultrasound, core biopsies taken, being told to think about surgeons and hospital, results benign but screening centre still not happy and more biopsies taken in mammogram machine, I recently got the all clear. Phew - how relieved was I! My husband and sister both have cancer and I just couldn't afford not to be well myself as my husband needs me! So if your tests go on, try not to be over anxious - they could just be being very thorough :-).

It is great to hear your Aunt is doing well - long may that continue and I hope you are seen by the screening centre soon and really really hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Please let us know when you hear.

Hiloa x