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New here

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Hi Funnkymonkey 

Just following up to see how are you and your friend doing ?


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Hi cam.

Thanks for checking up. I had a lovely visit with him on Wednesday and the most perfect goodbye but with the view to seeing him today if he was still here. 

Sadly he passed away last night so I'm in the bit of numb shock at the moment and just trying to focus on the good times we had. Xx

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Funkymonkey , 

Ooooh, I'm so so very sorry to hear that your friend has passed away. My condolences to you. I see you had a lovely chat and a chance to say goodbye that you didn't think you'd get.  Your present grief will be insurmountable, but long term, I believe that you will be thankful that you had that chance to have a good down to earth natter and that memory will last your lifetime.

I don't like saying that you will this and you will that because I don't know you and I have absolutely no idea what is going on in your head. If truth be told, that's how I would feel and that's how I might deal with it, so I hope you may have similar thoughts. 

So Funkymonkey, I'll leave you now to get some sleep because I am struggling to write thanks to the nerve pain I'm having although I'm sure I'll get back to sleep. 

Take care Funk 

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 sorry to hear the news

how amazing to get that opportunity for a perfect goodbye though



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Hi Funkymonkey

Really sorry to hear about your friend, its hurtful and painful when you lose someone close to you, take time heal and always rem the good times you spent together. 

God Bless Cam 

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Yes I feel very lucky in that. He got to leave this world knowing how he much he was loved which most people don't get. 

There was so much Love in the room it was beautiful despite its sadness xxx