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Newly Diagnosed August Group

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I am interested in starting an August newly diagnosed group ( breast cancer) so if anybody wants to join in please feel free to do so.

I was diagnosed last Thursday the 10th invasive grade 2 hormone receptive, 2cm. Lumpectomy booked for 8/9. 6 weeks daily radiotherapy to follow later after healing.

Care and support received so far amazing.

Already feel I am valuing and enjoying my life much more as it really puts everyday life and worries into perspective.

Feeling positive and determined to get through this and come out the other side smiling.


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The 'August New To Breast Cancer' discussion has been started within the Main Breast Group (link)

Just click the link above if you think this is could help you - You can also join the breast group from that page.

Hugs, G n' J