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Newly diagnosed Breast cancer

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Good morning,

I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer today, confirmed via mammogram and ultrasound this morning.

The tumour is 34 mm and two lymph involved. although a huge shock, I'm very much about getting on with it and getting as much information and hints and tips as possible. My specialist has indicated chemo first then radiotherapy and then surgery but they are just waiting for the results of the biopsy today and I have a CT scan on Tuesday. I'm seeing the specialist again on Friday to discuss a firmer plan.

I'm 52 and generally in good health. Scared witless about chemo and what to expect and it may sound really stupid and shallow but I'd rather lose my breast and get rid of the cancer than lose my hair, I'm planning to get it all cut short in preparation for losing it but a lot of the information and forums seem to indicate it depends on the chemo. I'm looking for cold hard facts on what to expect and also some great tips and hints to get through the chemo. I have started a little list of tips I've picked up already but I'd like to expand that.

Sorry for war and peace, I have so many stupid thoughts in my head and I just find it easier to talk it out.


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Hi Gillian  /   

Warm welcome to the Mac Community, not a club anyone ever imagined needing to join :(

Congratulations on getting through the emotional waiting results period with your sanity intact but hope you are feeling a little more calm now you have a treatment plan to focus on.

Actually having a mastectomy would have no effect on whether you need chemo or not, around 75% BC are advised to have chemo because of the details in their pathology results - also chemo is a whole body treatment and helps lower the risks of recurrence too; where surgery just removes the tumour and some 'clear' surrounding tissue.

You are definitely not alone just about everyone has a fear of chemo. Most of the chemo regimes are 3 weekly and you can feel quite rough for around one week of this some fair a lot better than others. Obviously there are side effects but there are ways to ease most of these.

Has anyone mentioned the cold cap scalp cooling to try and save some of your hair ? That can work well for some.

Best thing is if you joined the very active (and friendly) Breast Group here (link) you can get chatting to all those who are having or have had chemo to get honest support and advice. It is such an active group there is always someone at the same stage to share with and it also has a regular monthly chemo club for those having chemo at the moment.

If you decide to join, just create a New Discussion as a bit of an intro, you can copy in the text from above and ask whatever questions you have.

Hope this is of some help at a tough time, take care, G n' J

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Good morning Gillian

Just wanting to say hello as also newly diagnosed and interested in making friends to go along this journey with.

I think you will get lots of support on this site and all your questions and fears answered.

Good luck with your CT scan on Tuesday.

Hugs x