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Husband passed away from Pancreatic Cancer

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Hi, my husband passed away from Pancreatic Cancer three months ago.  We were happilly married for 33 years. He was diagnosed in April, 2016 and passed away February 17, 2017. I miss my husband every day, and the pain when I go home is awful.  My husband did everything for me, and now that I am alone, things are hard.

We have two sons who are now living in California, and I have a niece who also lives there. When my lease is up on my apartment, my sons want me to come out to California to live.  Originally, I was going to stay with my niece, but now she has said that I may not be able to because of my cat.  I cannot give up my cat, so I am not sure what I will do.  I am scared to death to go anywhere by myself, let alone drive cross country by myself, so we will see what happens

Thank you for letting me vent.

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Hello and welcome  to  the  community.  

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine how sad you are feeling. I am sending you  a big hug. 

It is very  early days for you and you have all kinds of emotions whirling round  your  head. You have lost the love of your life and it will take time to adjust to a different life without him.

 May I suggest you  might like to join the group we have here for Bereaved Spouses? Sorry I am on my phone so can't  give you a link. It might help to  be  in  contact  with others people  in the same situation. Everyone is very supportive  and friendly.

I am glad you have your sons who are there for you. Would you be able to take your cat if you moved to live with them? Animals can be such a comfort so I completely  understand  you don't want to part from your pet. 

I would give yourself a bit of time before making any long term plans I think. Do you have friends around you?

Please come here and post any time. This is a safe place to share emotions and thoughts.

Take care


Sue x