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Should i be worried?

Scared to death
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just found out from a foot doctor she found a tumor or sist in the heel of my bone. We have no cancer in our family. Dr wants me to get a mri. Which has me worried. checked the internet for symtoms. For bone cancer. I should if never did that! One symptom is animia which i have had for years  an doctors never could figure out why. Another sign im tired all the time. But i do have no thyroids an im a diabetic. Recently im very constipated an the symptoms of bone cancer r having the inability to get rid of waste! I have been cinstipated before because of pain pills for my back but this lately is worse. So am i being stupid or should i worry before mri?

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Hi there 

I'm so sorry you are scared. I see you were writing your post good and early so either you're an early bird or you have been up all night worrying. I think it might be the up all which case you have my sympathy. Been there, don't that and had the gritty eyes to prove it. Are you able to get a rest today? 

I'm not a doctor so I can't really comment on your symptoms. I do know that if you Google hard enough you can self diagnose anything, up to and including leprosy. So I usually suggest keeping away from dr google -at least until you have a specific question. 

Worry is a funny thing. It's what prompts us to go to our doctors with worrying symptoms at one time yet it's the same thing that keeps us up all night turning over bits of information. Right now it doesn't seem to be helping. You've done the right thing to get your symptoms investigated and the right tests are underway to find out what's going on. So when you feel worry and fear try to reassure yourself that you are in good hands. And no, you are not stupid. Just human. 

Good luck and I hope you get your MRI and good results soon