Mouth cancer

Hi everyone,

Am new to this. I had surgery last year for mouth cancer, a full flap,tongue etc etc. Basically I have a very small tongue, and after 6 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo it left my mouth, throat etc very sore. I had a peg tube fitted whilst in hospital and have Fresubin drinks to put through it. I feel more and more nervous about putting food in my mouth now ... it's been 7 months.... before radio just about managed yoghurt but I seem to have got myself into a real anxious state about food . I wonder if any of you have any advice, tips, theres no point asking family or friends because they just dont understand.  I'm finding myself getting more and more frustrated and upset but at the same time too scared to try.....

  • Hi and a welcome to the community. You are right about talking to friends and family. Although they give lots of friendly and moral support, it is difficult for anyone who has not had cancer to understand. Here you should get support, help and advice from others who know. Could I point you to the friendly Head and Neck Group . There you will find others who have had similar treatment to yourself and will be able to help with your questions. Click the link to get to the group. You can then start a new discussion in the group. It may be an idea to copy and paste your above post in the group rather than typing it out again. Any problems navigating the site, click on the reply button below and ask. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.