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HPV poisitive and showing signs of cervical cancer

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Hi all, 

Sorry for the long post.  I'm not sure who else to talk to really. 

I'm 34 and have just had a baby 5 months ago. (I have 2 boys - 13 and 2 and now a little girl  and a lovely hubby who i'dbe lost without ). 

I have not felt quite right since a week after my little girl was born. After numerous visits to the Doctors, I have been told I just have anxiety, however there has always been something at the back of my mind that I didn't feel well and I'm not really an anxious person. 

Two months ago, I went to the Doctors as I noticed weird growth outside my vagina (Sorry tmi) i was told they were polyps and nothing to worry about. 

For the past 3 months I have had persistent changes in my bowel movements (an urgency to go and loose) and frequent urination. I have had back pain and lower abdominal pain too. After speaking to the Doctors again they told me it was anxiety. 

Also,  I have had constant pain in my right arm (elbow) which has progressively got worse to the point I can barely lift a kettle now. (I've had this since my daughter was one week old). 

Still not feeling like I've been listened to, I ordered a HPV test to do at home. It has come back as positive for ' other' high risk HPV . (HPV 16 and 18 not detected). I stupidly haven't had a smear test in years which is leading me to fear the worst. 

I phoned the Doctors today and was told i would get a call back. When they phoned, it was a nurse to say the Doctors were busy and to call again tomorrow as there is nothing she could do. I cried when I hung up the phone. I just want further testing . 

I'm feeling terrified that I will not be listened to when I call tomorrow. 

Thanks in advance and sorry for such a long post x

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Sorry to see you joining us here and reading about your symptoms :-/

Time to get your assertive hat on I think - The loudest chick gets fed first and all that....   You would be surprised how many are told, it's anxiety, hormones, try these anti-biotics or cream  

I can't understand why some GP's are on the ball and refer you straight away while others if you are under 50 just fob you off at every opportunity 

Tell them about the more severe symptoms polyps, back and abdominal pain, bowel / bladder changes, HPV  - don't mention the anxiety although mine would be through the roof being constantly 'dissed' like that.

Much disliked as they are at least try to get a smear test, and a cancer marker blood test - even better would be a Gynea appointment under the 2 week rule.

If you still don't get taken seriously ask for a second opinion, you know you own body best and if you feel something isn't right; chances are something is wrong and needs checking out.

You could check out the Information & Support tab at the top to find info regarding symptoms but don't scare yourself, this may be something easily fixed but you need to know one way or the other.

Hope you get somewhere tomorrow, don't accept another fob off.

Let us know how you get on, good luck, G n' J

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Hi G n' J, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I very much took your advice and put my assertive hat on . 

I phoned the Doctors today, explained my symptoms again and was told that I needed to trust the Doctors opinion that it was probably not a gynocolgy issue. (Seriously????!!) This is when I pretty much lost it and said I'm not hanging up the phone  until I get at least a smear test booked. Perseverance paid off and i got an appointment today for a smear test and I've to leave samples in tomorrow for the bowel and bladder issues to get checked. 

The nurse was absolutely lovely and really put me at ease as soon as I started talking to her. She said I was completely doing the right thing being checked due to the symptoms I've been having. 

It's a waiting game now so fingers crossed I will get the answers soon. 

Thanks again for your reply.  I really appreciate it. 

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Hi Pcc1

Really well done for getting your smear test pronto and also checks for your bladder and bowel issues.  I'm not an expert but a lot of the symptoms you describe are listed under ovarian cancer - see following link:


You might be interested to have a look at the website of the Eve Appeal which is s a charity that covers all the gynaecological cancers: https://eveappeal.org.uk/

I'm not wishing to scare you and there could be a number of reasons for your symptoms and the chances are they aren't sinister.  Still it's as well to be aware and push for check ups with your GP, especially if your first set of tests don't give you a diagnosis.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer in 2017 following symptoms: persistent watery yellow vaginal discharge followed by heavy abnormal bleeding.  I didn't really have any other marked symptoms.

Hope all goes well for you

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Been a few days, how are you coping emotionally with all the waiting ?

Speaking of which have you heard anything about when any of your results will come through ?

Sending Buckets of Good Luck    G n' J

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Hi Beth2,

Thanks for the information, ovarian cancer didnt even cross my mind with having a baby recently. I had extra scans throughout so hoping anything may have been picked up then. But i do have most of those symptoms :( 

I hope all is going well with you. 

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Hi G n' J, 

Results may take up to two weeks. The days seem to be going extremely slowly but I keep busy with my children, who make me smile everyday,  to take my mind of things. We're lucky to have lots of nice walks near us which definitely boosts my mood too. 

I struggle to settle at this time of night with my mind being in complete over-drive and constantly thinking what the problem could be . Not sleeping very well either due to the back pain and pain in my arm. Im just baffled, as i'm usually fit and healthy. I get frustrated that for months I've been thrown the anxiety card. Hoping to get answers soon. 

Thanks again for your message. 

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Those pesky overnight niggles are pants... Just as you stop at the end of the day and clear your mind ready for a good nights sleep, out they come creating havoc - when you do wake up after a disturbed night you are already shattered

Unless you fancy giving something like Nytol a try all you can do is tell those niggles to bugger off as they won't change the outcome so they may as well go and annoy someone else.   I think that's where the term 'scanxiety' came from....

Nice walks are definitely a bonus, especially if you take time to examine the plants and wildlife that you find along the way.

Best Wishes, G n' J

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Hi G n' J, 

I hope you are well. Thought I'd update you with the latest. Got the results of my smear test, HPV positive with low grade dyskaryosis. I'm glad I was persistent in the end. 

I still have constant neck and lower back pain (which now is shooting down my right leg into my foot) so trying not to worry this is all somehow related and the low grade abnormality might be worse. Again, I'm probably over thinking too much during the sleepless nights. I've booked in to see a chiropractor though so hopefully they can help. 

Waiting for a coloscopy now so fingers crossed it's not too long a wait.