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Hi everyone,

i was recently diagnosed with breast cancer grade 2.

i was told that I was tested to see if I was HER2 positive, my result has come back as boarder line. My results have gone for referal.

has anyone experienced this and ended up having to have chemo?

I have to have radiotherapy but worried sick waiting on this result.


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Hi , I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I haven’t the experience that your looking for as mine is a different cancer type but wanted to welcome you to the online community. Can I direct you to the very supportive Breast cancer group, just click on the link below, you will see a join group button, and you can set how often you receive notifications. You could copy and paste your question into a new discussion and browse the earlier discussions to see if they are any help to support you, or wether you have something to add to help others, wIting is such a worrying time but better when your not doing it alone.


if you haven’t already done so it helps to have something in your profile, I’ve put a link to the help section about that below


I hope the links help


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I can understand your frustration at having to wait for the 2nd HER2 test as it is a 'biggie' regarding further treatment.

There are two tests to determine HER2 If the first test (IHC) comes back as inconclusive they put the sample forward for the 2nd (FISH) a different type of test which gives a final negative or positive result. This can add another agonizing week of waiting before you get the full picture :-/

My wife was HER2+ positive and was given targeted biological therapies alongside chemotherapy and is a long drawn out treatment plan - Fingers crossed your results come back her2 negative and you dodge that particular bullet.

Do use the link KT has included and join the very active (and friendly) Breast Group: I'm sure the ladies there will give you a warm welcome, plenty of reassurance, support and somewhere to chat about cancer angst to avoid making it the elephant in the room at home.

Good Luck, G n' J