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Hi my name is janice and am going for my first session of chemo on Wednesday. And to be honest I have lots of nurses talking to me about it but nothing as sunk in .

And I was wondering if any one els was like this .and how was it for you afterwards and what to expect ie will I feel unwell .

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Hi Janice  /  

Warm welcome to the club no one expected to join :-/

There are many types of chemo variations that are specific to different cancer types, with differing common side effects.

If you could reply back with your cancer type and if you know the names of the chemo meds they are going to be giving you we can get back with a much more informative reply and point you to the best areas here to help you get the answers you need ?

If you click/tap the groups button near the top of the page there are loads of Macmillan forum cancer specific support groups you could join the more suitable ones 

Hope this helps for now, G n' J

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Hi I have breast cancer I have had lumpectomy. 

The drugs are epirubicin/cyclophosphamide..for the first part and then docetaxel.for the second  part.

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Hiya Janice  /  

Almost the same as J had 8 years back. Hope you have had a speedy, hassle free recovery.

If you click this link it will take you to the very active (and friendly) Main Breast group which has a regular monthly chemo discussion.

In this group there is also the more light hearted 'Walking back to happiness' and for those having problems with sleep patterns the 'Awake' discussion.

When the breast group page opens just click the 'Join This Group' button under the groups title and make yourself at home - Once you post an intro message you will soon get a warm welcome.

Facing chemo may seem daunting, but be assured this is probably far worse in your head than in reality.

Don't hesitate to post any messages or questions - no doubt you have loads ?

Take care, G n' J