I have just been diagnosed with Breast cancer, due to have Op in a few weeks, a lot of people have recommended CBD oil but Im unsure as I don't want to make things worse, does any one have any knowledge on this and can recommend somewhere reputable to get it from, is it better to take before or after op?


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    Warm welcome to the club one wants to join :-/

    Please don't get taken in by the CBD oil hype, there are a few things it can help with like sleep, light pain relief, anxiety possibly eases nausea but it definitely won't cure anything cancer related in  humans.  It is best not to take anything herbal that could clash with the tried and tested meds you may be given that actually work.  In a lot of cases herbals can increase some side effects or even worse reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. Those that do take CBD oil are asked to stop two weeks prior to surgery.

    You would be better off saving the cbd oil money and spending it on a post treatment present to yourself, it'll give you something to look forward to.

    There is a very active (and friendly) Breast Cancer Group here you could check out and join. As surgery is your first primary treatment here is a surgery discussion if you have any questions or worries about that side of it.  There are also discussions covering chemotherapy and radiotherapy if any of those will follow on from surgery.

    Have you been given any other biopsy details regarding type of breast cancer, ER/PR or HER2 results or will you get those from the post surgery pathology results ?

    Hope to see you around the breast group, good luck for a speedy recovery from your surgery.

    Take care, G n' J